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Category Archives: exploration

Encrypting a Thumbstick that will accompany a set of keys

While working as an IT consultant I get the opportunity to delve into many different areas: some of which are entirely new –without a decent map or blueprint. Unfortunately, I often can’t explore the depth of a thing as most opportunities have a kind of evaluatory limit or threshold. Without hours and weeks and months […]

Virgin doesn’t like to share Data.

You wouldn’t be able to guess from their condescending and vapid marketspeak but Virgin “doesn’t like to share” data between multiple devices on the same account. Rogers, Telus and Bell have had this feature for years and in today’s multiple device quagmire this one is going “WTF”. According to two different agents: one main support […]

iPhone you turn on the red light

As detailed here and shown below you can use iOS’s >10 accessibility settings colour filters to modify the screen to emit a red (or other colour) rather than the main or night shift offering. Pair it with a single accessibility shortcut and we’ve got a quick way -three quick taps on the home or side […]